Take Your Photo

Capture a picture – our standard feature.

Out traditional print type is colour, 6 x 4”, but we offer different print sizes and colour options alongside our different packages, including strip printing and various filters.


Customise your photographs with our range of filters and effects. We offer black & white and sepia for a classic look, or you can upload a photo filter of your choice.

Photo Layouts

Our photo booths’ ultimate prints are 6″ x 4″, and you can choose from any of the following layouts: grid of 4, 1 single image, 1 large photo with 3 small, double prints, double strips.

Record a Video & Slow Motion

You can record a message or slow things down in a video – it’s perfect for capturing that romantic moment, a cheeky kiss or just something funny.

Facial Recognition

Virtually add novelty items into your picture without the need for props! Our facial recognition feature can add hats, moustaches or whatever you want into the picture.

Green screen

Add custom digital backgrounds to your picture – stand in front of a green curtain, then add in whatever background you desire, from the Eiffel tower to the Taj Mahal!

Immersive Green Screen

These 3D digital backgrounds make it look like you’re anywhere from space to the beach to Las Vegas! You can even use immersive technology to blend in with a 3D crowd or image.

Flip Book

Remember those books that you could flick the corners with your thumb to see a moving image? Now you can make your own. You record a video, the Photo Booth will do the rest!


Upload or download the images you’ve taken in our booths to social media. If you’d like to print or save images that have been taken from mobile phones at the event, Insta-Net can even scan for a unique hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and automatically add all photos to the event gallery.

Survey Kiosk

Collect data and opinions. Perfect for corporate events, our photo booths can host questionnaires, which allow users to enter their answers and capture their data. This can be exported to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis.



Sing away to your favourite song in one of our booths and Happy Snappy Memories will capture a video of your performance


A modern spin on karaoke, you and up to 9 more of your friends can sing the same track and our photo booth will splice the them together to produce one seamless recording (it’s as cool as it sounds!).


You can choose the look of your photobooth by selecting one of our skins. Alternatively, if you want we can make a custom skin just for your event.